alba welcomes all lesbians


Our members are very diverse but united by their common interest. Find out who we are in .. find us on Facebook.. come to a meeting!

alba's early beginnings

So what was the driving force that led to the creation of alba? In the spring of 2000, a couple of lesbians were bemoaning the lack of places to meet other lesbians in an easy social setting. Some didn't want to just go to bars or clubs. They also wanted a networking space, possibly with speakers or around a theme. To meet other lesbian women, and to have conversations with women who enjoy their work, were possibly in business for themselves, or working in a wide range of organisations, or who simply want to meet other lesbians. They checked out the Gay Auckland Business Association (GABA) to see if GABA would consider setting up an affiliate group for lesbians. While GABA was very supportive, they preferred to work within their own existing organisation. A small group met at Roasted Addiction in February 2001 to organise a public meeting for interested lesbians. That first meeting, convened at the Women's Centre in Warnock Street on 9 April 2001, was a great success with nearly 30 women supporting the idea of a lesbian business organisation. So alba was born. That first meeting was followed by alba's successful inaugural dinner on 30 May 2001 at Tusk Thai on Dominion Road- alba even had its name by then!! - With each meeting the support and number of interested lesbians grew. The first Christmas dinner at the then Berlin restaurant in Mt Eden in 2001 had Yvonne as Mother Claus!! 2002 was the year of the constitution. It's quite a job putting a constitution together, but by December that year alba was an incorporated society with a set of aims (see below). alba now has a long herstory of monthly meetings, a mid winter dinner and an end of year celebration. Meetings provide the space for lesbians to indicate what's on offer during the next month as well as the chance to hear a diverse range of speakers.